C o m p a n y  I n f o

Nexuz Computing is a small research and development IT company established in 1998 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company is founded by a fellow named Gai Chew Kai, that's me.

After graduation, and obtained a distinct grade in Oxford computer engineering certification, most of the time was dedicated to software development for decades since 90's, written numerous software for environment such as real-time, networking,  security, computer games, software driver and etc.

I always wanted to create something with the beauty combination of unique and legacy principle retained, additional knowledge of electrical engineering background to achieve innovation.

Nexuz Computing is a sole proprietorship company, its primary focus is to create a better computing environment.

Kind Regards

Gai Chew Kai
Founder & Technical Director of Nexuz Computing 
Company registration no: 001166085-W